Nandarane Naina Parmar NPQH, Farmington Fellow, BEd (Hons)

Education Associate

Nandarane Is a consultant Headteacher and School Improvement Adviser with an 18 year track record in strategic leadership and a robust ability to combine, safe, straightforward honest challenge and sensitive support leading to empowering leaders to realise their vision, raise standards and lead courageously. She has a robust and thorough knowledge and understanding of the intrinsic and intricate relationship of the strategic, operational, business and people management for securing effective outcomes in teaching and learning. Nandarane has wider experience of action based research for curriculum and leadership through local, national and international organisations leading exemplification of standards, advising and chairing judiciary appeals. She currently holds three Directorship positions for The Society of Education Consultants, The Schools Company Trust and Peacock Education.

Nandarane specialises in leadership development, effective stakeholder engagement, planning and delivering rapid and robust school improvement in preventing schools at risk of dropping a grade at their next inspection and increasing the proportion of good and outstanding teaching.

Nandarane is passionate about improving the experience of all stakeholders engaged in improving and contributing to education and those in receipt of it. In honouring and understanding the demands placed on leaders at levels, she now dedicates her time to working with leaders to offer sustainable solutions, offer a fresh pair of eyes - an objective and impartial view and to eradicate and reduce unnecessary workload, disruptive innovations to empower leaders to thrive and fulfil their personal and professional mission which they set out when entering education as a career. That is, to make a difference to the pupils and the stakeholders hey work with through creativity, joy, connection and work life balance.