Jon Leighton

Managing Director, iResources

Jon started iResources as a Digital Marketing Agency 7 years ago and it has grown into a full service Agency offering a wide range of services and custom web applications.

 We have a fantastic, creative team and we get to work with amazing people that each day is different. Working with business owners from such a wide range of industries means that whatever problem you are facing, we have probably seen it and solved it before and if not, well, we love a challenge!

 In a previous life Jon was employed in the Further Education Sector taking the lead for a variety of programs and courses for those aged 16 and over throughout the UK and has worked for a range of private training providers and colleges.

His background is in Business and Marketing with a specialism in IT and was heavily involved in the creation of programs and delivery before returning to Industry in 2009.

 In his spare time Jon is heavily involved in the Newcastle Round Table which supports local charities within the Tyne & Wear Region.

“Having worked in the Education Sector for 8 years I understand some of the challenges that EiE and Free Flow Information is addressing. Opening up clear lines of communication between the education provider, pupil and parents with the use of digital technology is a very exciting prospect”.